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560 Ken Donnelly Re: 2002 2520xl for sale 7/31/2005 22:45:00

Nice boat. I know the dealer you have it at too, or at least I was looking at a
boat in Niantic. Should you ever buy another 2520, please, please, please make
sure you get twin engines. I think Parker should be shot for offering this boat
with a single. I live in So Cal and just bought and towed a 1992 2520 with 2nd
station on roof all the way home because it had duals. Why are you selling? the
XL is a beautifully laid out boat.

waynesworldxl <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=UOxUbqHUx1C6Wsdbd5SpB8GS7TaOK23eIrJ1-Y7qEAAcYV2xNh5SkzaOljeDkDP4BNaTyzADLw01eW8jyWhcnA">waynesworldxl@...</a>> wrote:located in CT. boat is in
excellent condition and well maintained.

<a href=""></a>

for more pictures please e-mail me.

thanks, wayne...


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