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566 carterhillen Looking for performance numbers for 23SE 8/10/2005 11:43:00

Hey guys, I'm new to this board and I hope you can give me some help.
I have a 1983 23' Souwester CC. Great boat. I believe they have
slightly changed the hull between then and the current 23SE. I
currently have twin 90's on it, but instead of repowering w/ twins, I'm
seriously considering going with a 200 or 225 plus a kicker. What
performance numbers are you guys with 23SE or even 23 MV's getting?
From other inquiries at THT, I think w/o T-top, upper 40's is possible
with a solid cruise at 30, and w/ t-top mid 40's top speed. Right now
I'm getting mid 30's top and prob 25 cruise, and these crossflow 90's
really suck the fuel.