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577 granpafish Re: yamaha f250 flushing question 8/18/2005 17:36:00

DO NOT run the motor while on the garden hose fitting. Just let the
water pressure do its job for 5-10 minutes. There should be water
coming from the indicator when flushing using the muffs. Also the
indicator should be relatively strong (at least as strong as any other
outboard) while running. On more than one occassion I've found an
obstruction in the pee hole. Most of the time it is an insect related
deal. Wasps, caterpillar, etc. I've always been able to clear it
with a piece of wire or similar thin tool. For some reason we've had
more of that sort of thing on this Yamaha than previous motors. Maybe
there is a larger tube or the bugs just find the ambience more
attractive. If that doesn't clear it have your dealer check it this
off season. In the meantime you have a overheat alarm, but I don't
that there is any problem more than an indicator issue. Good luck.

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> I have a 05 F250 4 stroke on my 2520xl only 8 hours, here's my
> questions. when running in ocean the impellor pissing stream does
> not
> have that much pressure compared to my old evirude 2 stroke 175
> oceanpro.Is this normal? Also when flushing motor with ears on lower
> unit while motor is running, water doesn't pee out,i think water
> should pee out.Is this normal?I've been told that you should not
> motor while flushing from top fitting" disconnecting hose fitting
> screwing in garden hose" No water circulates to impellor this
> way,thats why you don't run motor. Is this correct? I HAVE READ
> MANUAL. Just dropped lower unit and checked impellor and it looks
> fine.I've been told conflicking answers. Can some knowledgable
> dealers or mechanics or other 05 f250 owners please advice.low
> pressure in california ....thanks