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587 j p Re: Re: seawater in through the gas vent? 8/22/2005 13:17:00

If this was a car, it would be recalled.

fishinfireman <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=gIZ9PK4mR7BGRv2XhGH2_uAmftBSHNJu0djG92zU2eaiFYDUJKwH8fNUge_zB0E0jVIy1kum1KWU3w">fastbasket@...</a>> wrote:
I have a 2002 DVSC and I have had the same problem. I have come to
believe that the fuel moving back and forth in the tank while we are
making way in rough seas causes air to be sucked in and pushed out
through the vent. When air is sucked in during pretty rough
conditions you also get seawater sucked in. I had to dump both
separators after every trip during the rougher parts of the year.

My vent hose has the loop in it but this does not stop the water
intrusion. The first thing I tried was converting to the recessed
vent that they use on the newer models but it did not fix the
problem. I looked around and found a good fuel/air separator made by
Racor. This device is designed to prevent fuel from coming out of the
vent when you fill up the tank. The device allows air or vapors to
pass freely in either direction but will only allow liquid to flow in
one direction. I installed this device in my vent hose so that it
will stop liquid from flowing into the tank. This is backwards from
the way it was intended to be used but it seems to have solved the

Don't mount it upside down cause it won't work that way. Install it
right end up but put it right on top of the vent fitting that goes
through the hull. A 90 degree elbow is supplied with the separator.
Put the elbow on top. Connect the shortened vent hose to the elbow.
This way you will still have the necessary vent loop. Using the
separator this way will not stop fuel from overflowing out the vent
when you fill the tank. You will have to put another separator on the
other side of the vent loop to stop the fuel overflow.

The Racor device I used is the LG50 Fuel/Air Separator. This thing is
expensive compared to the one Attwood makes but it will come apart
for cleaning/inspection.

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=7zDR-k17mg3QV_1hCxE7Mjav5t8TXYriKi03iOCDEDdHbzs3idUDXHRXe3HT_hvlAf-4jBsOEK91GTYuYxN3n1q1"></a>, "Art Marshall"
<thehoseconnection@y...> wrote:
> My dealer has told me he is experiencing a problem with customers
> getting seawater into the gas tank via the vent. Evidently the
> problem is so common for him he has had a "shoe type cover"
> to fit over the vent to install on the hull to prevent this
> Has anybody experienced this circumstance? I have not and fish
> whenever I can in all conditions fishable.


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