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589 surfrat2parker Incorrect props installed by dealer/Parker 8/28/2005 20:35:00

Has anyone gotten a wrong prop from the dealer/Parker? I have 2004
21'DVSC with a 150 carb Yammie. The prop is a pro 14.25 x 16p and the
motor will only do 4900 rpm @ WOT. My nearest Yamaha service (needed
new fuel pump @ ~60 hrs and this year the needles in the carb swelled
due to the ethanol @ ~116 hrs)said the prop is a more of a proformance
prop and it should be the 15.(?)x 15p black steel prop on the boat. I
was just wondering how many boats Parker is setting incorrectly from
the get go?

Does anyone have the same boat and motor having the same problem? If
not, what prop are you using

One of my trim tab actuators just went south. I kept blowing the fuse
(10 amp factory installed) and replaced it with 20 amp as recommended
by Lenco (website and manual). I called Lenco and they said it they
were getting lots of complaints and they sent me a new one in less
then a week. Evidently, water is getting into the housing causing them
to sort out. I'm just waiting for a good day, most likely end of
striper season (mid dec in ny) to change it.

Tight Lines.