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59 Bill Milligan Re: Performance 11/7/2003 21:08:00


I can only attest to my own experience with my 2520DV/ 250HP OX66. I ride
great in chop, can get around 31 knots top-end with a fully loaded boat (
3 men, 2 large coolers of ice, gear and full tank of fuel, ~ 5200
rpm). Typical cruise for me is around 23 knots, (~4600 rpm) in 3 foot
seas. I have run 80nm offshore, trolled for 5 hours and run home having
burned 115 gallons of fuel. I upgraded to a Yamaha performance prop this
year, and have seen a slight performance improvement ( handling in
reverse, speed to plane and fuel economy. I did not change my prop due to
any problems with the stock one- I actually had spun my old prop last
season and traded a Yamaha mechanic a used portable AC unit for a barely
used performance prop.
Hope this helps- Bill

At 12:35 AM 11/8/2003 &#43;0000, you wrote:
<blockquote type="cite" class="cite" cite=""><tt>Bill,
can you please give a run down on performance-speed vs rpms and fuel

consumption. Also how does the boat ride in choppy

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