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593 chevy chased Re: Re: seawater in through the gas vent? 8/27/2005 20:26:00

What model Racor do you have? Did you install it , or have it done? I have a
'2005 2320 SL, and run offshore on occasion. Never had water problems. Never
want to have water problems.

icarusparker <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=I-wIQoxIgZr0QDz49u3OsSWAnUxGYy69ePt-iGdiLVu_NIEIk13CN_FTdd1AJA4InEC74F-xF0TZUvwyWNszwQ">icarusparker@...</a>> wrote:I have a 2002 2520DV and do not
experience the same problem with water
in the fuel. She's been in very rough seas and after hundreds of
gallons of fuel, not one drop of water sits in my Racor filter.

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