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596 skopje179 Horn dead again --- what is the best replacement? 9/6/2005 21:25:00

The horn on my 2510 is dead again--probably rusted out. Dead, dead,
dead, deader than a door-nail!!!!

I replaced the factory installed horn with an AFI dual trumpet SS
model. It lasted two seasons. Must not be 100% SS, because there is
rust running out of the trumpets.

I'm ready to trash an electric horn and get one of those 18-wheeler
air horns. They put hundreds of thousands of miles over salt-covered
roads on those air horns. Most I've seen have a SS cover over the
front of the horn to deflect rain, which would also deflect saltwater
spray coming from the bow. The cover doesn't seem to lower the
output, cause when one of those buggers going down the highway at 70
mph, blast his horn, it will scare the crap out of you. Certainly they
will hold up to saltwater spray.

Where is Megabyte? Didn'he discuss replacing a horn a while back?