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597 skopje179 Yam fuel flow meter acting up 9/6/2005 21:48:00

One of the two Yam flow meters on my 2510 is acting up.

I had water in the fuel about a month ago, and pumped out about a
gallon through the fuel pickups. Caught more water in the fuel-water
separator bowls. After the first 30 minutes of running the boat, no
more water is appearing in the bowls. On the first trip out after the
water was removed, the starboard flow meter registered way low. At
3800 rpm, the port engine shows about 4.5 gph, but the starboard
engine is showing about 1.7 gph. Before the water, at 3800 rpm, each
motor would burn about 4.5 ghp for a total burn of 9.0 gph.

Could a bit of water be trapped in the flow meter causing the low
registration? If so, how do I get it out? Should I dismount it and
try to dump it out? Or could I disconnect the inlet and outlet, and
pump pure ethanol (dry-gas) through the unit?