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598 Sam Blate Re: Horn dead again --- what is the best replacement? 9/7/2005 4:23:00

You might want to take a chance on the Ongaro all-stainless horns. I
jujust installed one...great deep sound...but have no idea how long it
will last. I mounted it with the back raised a bit so that water will
drdrain at rest.

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> The horn on my 2510 is dead again--probably rusted out. Dead, dead,
> dead, deader than a door-nail!!!!
> I replaced the factory installed horn with an AFI dual trumpet SS
> model. It lasted two seasons. Must not be 100% SS, because there is
> rust running out of the trumpets.
> I'm ready to trash an electric horn and get one of those 18-wheeler
> air horns. They put hundreds of thousands of miles over salt-covered
> roads on those air horns. Most I've seen have a SS cover over the
> front of the horn to deflect rain, which would also deflect saltwater
> spray coming from the bow. The cover doesn't seem to lower the
> output, cause when one of those buggers going down the highway at 70
> mph, blast his horn, it will scare the crap out of you. Certainly
> will hold up to saltwater spray.
> Where is Megabyte? Didn'he discuss replacing a horn a while back?