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600 megabyte2520 Re: Horn dead again --- what is the best replacement? 9/7/2005 12:48:00


The AFI horns are stainless on the outside, but mild steel on the
inside. If you got two seasons out of yours, you've done better than
most folks. The AFI's I had lasted less than a year for me. Junk,
plain and simple.

I replaced my AFI's with a set of all stainless dual trumpets from
Ongaro Marine (item number 10028).

<a href=""></a>

I bought my horns online, but recently saw them on the shelf at the
Boat US store off Jennifer Road in Annapolis, so word is getting

The Ongaro 12v electric horns are 122 db horns, while the best
replacement air powered horns I could find were only 121 db.

It's an easy replacement. ;)

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> I replaced the factory installed horn with an AFI dual trumpet SS
> model. It lasted two seasons. Must not be 100% SS, because there is
> rust running out of the trumpets.