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607 Keith Lincoln Re: Re: 2320 SL with Yamaha F200 9/8/2005 13:20:00

The F225 will push the boat fine. You need to prop the boat to the weight you
plan on pushing. Sounds like Parker props the boats for speed and performance
vs work carrying the family and gear. Try a flatter pitch. I see from the
Yamaha Outboard page, they send out the 25SE with a 19in pitch prop, great for
speed and fuel burning, but for reality use of pushing the family and all the
gear pretty tough to do.
I run my 25CC MV with an F225 with a 151/4 X 15 and I push 19 passengers at 4800
rpms at 22knts. She does fine coming out of the whole. Naturally if I have
all overweight adults on board it may take a few seconds more. I don't usually
use my tabs unless I am heading into a strong wind or we have standing chop and
that is more to soften the ride with the MV hull. Empty I run around 4200 for
the same speed. She also winds out at 5800 rpms with that prop.
Personally, I don't think you need more horses you just need better push from
the blades.

You can see the boat underway on the Parker website under the proud owners

Capt Keith
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Do you typically run the boat light with regards to fuel and
passengers? I will run with my wife and 3 kids, and sometimes I will
run with 2 grown 200lbs men and , again, 3 kids. Thanks for answering.
My thinking is that that the F225 is not worth the upgrade, but perhaps
the F250 might be.


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