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610 j p Re: Re: 2320 SL with Yamaha F200 9/8/2005 17:43:00

think about that when gas is $6 a gallon.


whaler <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=q91cSzGznGOS2j00NRtIE6WylQGK4ZmC0lkLxdRopSKz00lT8Ah9Rnu3zhUc067o_oY9QdjeLw">whalersal@...</a>> wrote:
Thanks for responding guys. I am torn. Very torn. On one hand the F200
probably will be fine for my not-go-fast needs, and the F225 will
certainly be fine. But for a grand more, the F250 might have better low
end torque, and may be better for resale. Again sorry for whining; I
suppose I just gotst to think some now...

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