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63 tuggerone Bow Pulpit 11/10/2003 8:09:00

I had a custom aluminum pulpit built from a local welding shop for
my 1994 Steiger Craft. (sold it for my present Parker) I designed it
exactly like the Parker Factory one, however it's 100 times
stronger. It only cost me $450.00 and the term heavy duty is an
understatement. It was made out of 3/16" diamond plate and really
looked awesome. Regarding your situation, I can't think of too many
negatives. Docking is a possible issue but that's about it. The
pulpit will keep your anchor off the bow and you'll avoid those
costly dings, especially when someone other then yourself is pulling
on the rode. Plus it makes the boat look a little larger and fully
rigged. I don't think I would use it for mooring though unless you
have the alum. one built, since the strain in really heavy weather
may become an issue. Any thing I can assit you on let me know. I
have access to that particular welding shop, that also made me an
alum. swim platform.