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632 dougmacf Performance figures on an older 2520MV 9/24/2005 20:46:00

I went out yesterday, Green Harbor (Marshfield),MA to Gurnet Light. Not much of
a west
wind, no chop.

I have a 1989 2520 MV with a newly rebuilt '93(?) Johnson 250 with VRO (no
problems with
VRO, it works for me!). 5200 to 5300 RPM WOT got me to 33-34 MPH (measured by

About 1/2 tank of fuel, maybe 60 to 70 gal?, one person on board, 220 lb, not
much gear
but a heavy SS pot hauler, winch and extra battery to run it.

Cruise is 4500 RPM and 26-28 MPH in up to 2' chop. I don't run hard and slow to
10 to
15 MPH in 3-5' (hey, it's a mod. vee) but thats suits me fine. Not afraid to
take her out in
most weather here, she's stable.

No figures for gph, but I filled the tank maybe 2-3 times this summer, so maybe
I don't
get out enough. The boat's on a trailer, but I'm hoping for a slip sometime
before I shuffle

As far as horns are concerned, I just replaced my single dead AFI (?) with a
dual AFI that
claims to be "mostly" SS, except for the important stuff, I guess. I sprayed it
Boeshield after installation and it hasn't worked too well since. Sounds like a
moose... Oh, well, live and learn.