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638 Dave Burton RE: 21SE trim tab replacement help please 10/5/2005 19:17:00

When I replaced the port side actuator on my 21SE I cut the cable on the
inside of the transom and pulled the stub end through the transom as I
removed the actuator. Then I fed the new cable on the new actuator back
through the hole and sealed it on the outside and inside with calking
compound, cut off the new cable and spliced it into the old cable in the
port side storage compartment so I didn't have to pull it through to the
console. Works just fine now.

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Subject: [parkerboats] 21SE trim tab replacement help please

The starboard Lenco actuator is dead and I have a new one to install,
but the cable installation looks problematic. Has anyone done this on
a 21SE? There doesn't seem to be anyway get at the cable where it
passes through the transom on the interior side. If I cut the
existing cable on the out side can I pull it through and somehow
thread the new cable to a point where I can grab it and snake it
through the trough to the console? Maybe I am going about this all

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