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64 Dana Cunniff Re: Pulpit choice ... 11/10/2003 13:52:00

Dale, I have a factory pulpit on a 2530. I've seen
yours and others, I think the pulpit adds to the

Is helpful as the anchor is always ready. Also helps
the person hoist it as the captain rarely ends up
getting the anchor when there are people on board.

--- parker25lc <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=i2DBjsh9tyghJbOHcjRrH8Do3ZdKdKKvZT-_mElNueRjmqe8CquBEidr8hWl3IJVDPx-RHEK-JXh9hX8">c-dhubbard@...</a>> wrote:
> FYI: My Parker 2520, the "Lady Catherine", got beat
> up by a 32'
> cabin cruiser that broke her mooring during a wind
> storm footer at
> the end of Ocotber ... 2 days before I was to pull
> her for the
> season. This was the boat I spent all last winter
> refurbishing with
> custom teakwork and galley.
> As part of the insurance settlement, I have the
> choice of the old-
> style bow rail (without a pulpit), like I had, or
> the new-style one
> with a pulpit. I could either buy the factory
> pulpit, but would
> most likely make one out of 2" teak, which
> thankfully I have the
> machinery for.
> What are your PROs and CONs against a pulpit? Dock
> space for me
> isn't an issue as I'm on a mooring, very rarely at a
> dock, and have
> off-season storage in a private yard, so no one will
> care if the
> overall length is a touch longer. Seeking ALL
> inputs, thank you!
> P.S. - I used to post on the the old Parker forums
> as "Reel-Rascals"
> or "DaleH"

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