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646 rangertimbo Re: 21SE trim tab replacement help please 10/16/2005 12:30:00

"Thanks, that was very helpful info....How did you id the the power cable coming
out of the
trough in the stern? Also, why does the bracket need to be removed? Can the new
cable be
slipped into the bracket hole from the outside?"

I checked the type of wire that comes from the control module under the dash and
it to a splice there. The wire colors are lost at that point, but at least you
can see what the
characteristics of the wire are. Then I simply removed the actuator and bracket
from the
transom. I removed the actuator in order to achieve less resistance when
pulling the wire
in and out. This proved beneficial due to the holes being slightly misaligned
to begin
with. If there is any insulation caught under the bracket you'll have a devil
of a time
getting it loose.

Once the wire is loosened enough to move it in and out, you should be able to
follow that
movement inside the boat/bilge. That is where you will probably find a splice
from the
factory where they did their install. Work slowly and develop an understanding
of how the
tabs were put on in the first place, this helps.

Be sure to tie a stout string to the wire before it is removed, so that you can
pull the new
one back through. Use wire pulling lubricant if necessary (see an electrical
supply house).
When pulling try to keep the insulation from riding differently and bunching up.
This will
jam up the openings and make you swear and cuss.

It really takes longer to write this than it does to do the actual repair,
especially after you
have done it once. I hope this helps you get a better idea of what to do. Post
question if necessary.

Ranger Tim