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651 skopje179 Re: Parker 2310 10/25/2005 13:27:00

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> All ---
> ...
> I realize it's late in the year, but is there anyone in the
> Chesapeake Bay area whom owns a 2310 that still plans on taking their
> boat out this year (weather permitting). My purchase (used) is
> narrowed down to the 2310 or 2510 and I was hoping to get on
> someone's boat. I'll pay for gas, etc...
> ...
> Thanks a million!
> AC

The real manly-man's fishing season is just begining. Only wimps are
winterizing this early.

I have 2510 MV that will be launching out of the Annapolis area this
coming Sat. Will be doing a bit of fishing, but primary purpose is to
get the engines up to temp so I can take oil samples (I do annual oil
analysis), and then bring her home for prep for the CBBT trip.

Let me know if you are available this Sat AM for a trip. Remember
that the 2310 is a DV so it will ride a bit softer in the chop. I
believe a guy named "Graybeard" on has a 2310 (in
the Annapolis area), and also fishes until the ice gets to be a problem.