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66 bsr2520 Gas Tank - problems 11/26/2003 18:57:00

I hope someone may be able to help. I have a 1998 Parker 2520 DV.
Today I noticed a gas odor and in the bilge(area under the floor of
the pilothouse) I saw a small amount of gas. I am not sure where the
leak is coming from. I don't think it is the tank, as the problem
appeared after topping off the tank. I think it may be the fill hose
or the vent hose. Has anybody had a similar problem or does anybody
have advise. I plan on replacing the vent fitting and hoses on
friday. I hope I don't have a tank problem. The only fear that I
had when I was debating whether or not to buy a Parker was what would
happen if the tank went bad, b/c the deck would have to be cut. I
beg all of you for your advise.

Thanks in advance - Brad