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662 Dana Cunniff Re: in hull ducer 12/1/2005 6:40:00

Art, I have a simple digital Uniden 200' display unit
transducer epoxied in the bilge of a 2530 DV. I have
two transom mounts to fishfinders. I added one of the
transom mounts last spring. I spoke to a dealer at
the time and he advised against a thru-hull if the
boat gets trailered at all.

I've had the in hull for about 5 or 6 years now.
Works most all the time and I'm always fiddling with
the transom mounts. Cruise at about 25 mph. I have
an I/O and it is epoxied in front of the engine on the
centerline of the bilge.

The Uniden is 200 KHz. One transom mount is an Apelco
unit with a 120KHz frequency from 1997, 300 watts. The
latest transom mount setup is a Raymarine at 50/200
KHz, 600 watts.

I added a switch at the dash for the Uniden as this
model is direct powered, and I've turned it on and off
while the Raymarine has been on. Haven't noticed it
throw off the reading of the Raymarine unit when it is
also on 200 KHz.


--- Art Marshall <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=TZa6eaZmhECf9TLC0z-3Ywg-UjU0j9PIiQ8yigkxy975a0eZ2Z49U92_bfgTEqIfRqSaW1xGI9MqRjh-xH4eBqNYZr7F">thehoseconnection@...</a>> wrote:

> The season has come to a close and the boat is now
> on land covered up.
> Come on Spring! I am already planing a few upgrades
> and was wondering
> if any of you use an in the hull transducer. I am
> sick of my transom
> mounts, I do not want a thru-hull, and am planing on
> an Airmar M260 in
> the hull unit. Any and all feedback is much
> appreciated.
> Thanks
> Art
> 2510 dv

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