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669 streufjm@... Re: Re: Sun shade on Parker 2520XL 12/20/2005 14:54:00

I just bought a 1989 Parker - open console - with a hard top, but would like
some additional protection for others. Do you have a picture of how your new
canvas turned out. Just looking around for ideas. Thanks.

Jon (<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=XOs4V-kgYjtxpx6ENKrtTd8hiaOogfCfTDv_BGKMkHT0YpBl99VV6g4dHvPq1bW-mn_gnTw1lGgivTU">streufjm@...</a>)

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> I would like to install a sun shade on the rear deck. Any
> suggestions? I have looked at the one Parker offers but it appears to
> be confining.
> Cheerios

Tri-state marine, who old me my boat, recommended a canvas person that
made canvases for other boats they sold. She came out to the boat,
measured, and made a beautiful cover, custom to what I wanted. She
didn't harge any more that the Parker canvas would have been.

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