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67 ustank2 Re: Gas Tank - problems 11/26/2003 20:17:00

-Pop open the two covers. Check for leaks at the fill hose and vent
hose connection to the tank. Also check the fuel sender unit for
leaks. Hose should be double clamped. The tank could be pressurized to
see if pressure dropped therefore leaking. The tanks I saw at the
Parker plant were made of heavy alumnium. I doubt that they would
corrode in this length of time unless there was something abnormal
happening. I checked mine the other day and everything looked new
inside. It is however a diesel.
I suspect it would not be the tank. Might want to park on an incline
and wash out from bow to stern. stray gas and boating don't mix.

B. Tison
Jax, FL