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671 steve shultz Re: Re: Parker 21 or 23 Pilothouse 1/6/2006 10:16:00

I have a 2005 2520SL with the notched transom. It is not an issue for me at
all. I am mostly in bays and rivers, and occasionally out of Manasquan Inlet
on good days. Never any water. I suppose the closed transom and engine
bracket would have been nice, but not for our budget. I actually think that
if a wave were big enough to come over the transom it would come over a
closed transom as well, and I would rather be able to have the boat drain
quicker by powering it forward. Hope I don't get to test that though!

On 10/15/05, dan galambos <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=8ddTCk-MrhSx4edK_lZwRyH2oF9IjkDy32dJKnZOGgcwcdQbYLB1Zmg9EXMEoj9Rgk9RHKPg-QQe92l0bhY">caton1973@...</a>> wrote:
> I'm sadly ending our 2005 season today when we pull her out of the slip
> today and have nothing but great things to say about my 2005 2120 with an
> F150. The notch was not a problem at all. The full transom would be NICE but
> that cost aboyt $10-15K more and that I just cannot justify.
> Great boat and I highly recommend it!
> rangertimbo <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=z-HyuSbiZlfQdQOfC4zRLrP6fhIu7bpMS_huLOWuYX7UPOf2Qi2ubBX0ME1VWTHCw4u5Ro3BARA9YV0z3umV">kstreagle@...</a>> wrote:
> One man's trash is another man's treasure. I wanted the full transom when
> I was
> shopping. Found out the 2120 is only made with a cut transom. I couldn't
> be happier
> with it. I've had water in the floor only twice, both times due to big
> fish being landed by
> three big guys, all in one corner of the stern. I've tried backing down
> into whitecaps and
> serious bay chop and the rear end bobs like a cork. I've never been
> really worried about
> being swamped in this boat like I was in my center console. I know it
> could happen, but I
> keep an eye on things. It's nice to know I can dump a lot of water FAST
> out of the notch
> when I need to.
> Maybe if I had a full transom 2320 I'd probably feel differently about it,
> but I'm still very
> pleased with the 2120 and the notch. I can run a fishing rod around the
> engine fairly
> easily and the boat's a breeze to spray out when on plane. I even removed
> the splashwell
> guard because I saw no real benefit to keeping it. I do miss the ability
> to have a transom
> fish box- a big cooler is always easy to clean though.
> Any other folks with good things to say about notch transoms? Am I out on
> a limb with
> this?
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