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68 bsr2520 Re: Gas Tank - problems 11/27/2003 7:10:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=ULchT7udgP68QLVEmipjzI4YSqVd4oZrYaoj4i0dhiBqZYoigJ62Qum5nufZkjHgxptD8Vm9lTbS5stdgzSmlDcC5v2Jdw"></a>, "ustank2" <tison_t@p...> wrote:
> -Pop open the two covers. Check for leaks at the fill hose and vent
> hose connection to the tank. Also check the fuel sender unit for
> leaks. Hose should be double clamped. The tank could be pressurized
> see if pressure dropped therefore leaking. The tanks I saw at the
> Parker plant were made of heavy alumnium. I doubt that they would
> corrode in this length of time unless there was something abnormal
> happening. I checked mine the other day and everything looked new
> inside. It is however a diesel.
> I suspect it would not be the tank. Might want to park on an
> and wash out from bow to stern. stray gas and boating don't mix.
> B. Tison
> Jax, FL

Thanks for the reply, I doubt if it is the tank. I did a quick look
at all the fittings and they looked ok. I am going to carefully
check everthing on Friday. I have a feeling that it might be a
problem with the vent as I have been having some problems while
filling with fuel. The gas has been kicking back in my face.


PS - come on guys lets see some more posts on this site. Don't you
all remember how great the Parker forum was?