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683 wayne camarano Re: Re: Parker 21 or 23 Pilothouse 1/11/2006 20:52:00

hey mike, look on your left side of sscreen in the box where it says home at
top, go down to photo's and one of those picture folders says "whatever",rite
above pic of kid jumping off boat. good luck wayne

Mike <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=vzo7jCa-Ik0gQ-CI8Bk0ko0BuaVHOkmIsp60WMXTLNZEQwCzL6FuD7NrKkDq46iIl3J3TKx5HwDLgRo">lat41lon71@...</a>> wrote: Where is the "whatever" folder? I looked
and found files etc but can't
locate "whatever" would like to take a look at your invention.

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