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699 jpg1969_1 Re: anchorwinch recommendation please 1/29/2006 15:02:00

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> Hi , Can anyone give me some feedback on a powerwinch for my new
> parker 25.Which ones are good and reliable and which one should i
> clear of. how's Powerwinch 600 or Lewmar's horizon 500 model thanks
> in advance...
We have a Powerwinch model 31 (freefall) mounted on our 2520 and have
been very happy with it. It is a larger winch than the Horizon 600 so
it would not fit on the pulpit between the cleats so we made a bracket
out of starboard (4 pieces of 3/4 inch glued together) cut at an angle
such that it sits flush against the back of the pulpit. Real clean