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708 wildbill23se Re: Parker 23SE 2/5/2006 10:00:00

Just for general information this is my third new Parker. I think the
23 SE is the most versatile boat in the Parker line for anyone who
chases stripers and blues all up and down the east coast. It is big
enough to fish the bays and near shore ocean but easy to tow, launch
and load. I live in PA but have been fishing for ocean stripers in NC
and VA in recent weeks.

I keep my 23 on a trailer at my house so the drain plug is not a
problem. As for the bilge pump it is wired directly to the batteries
with an in line fuse. Something puts a slow drain on my batteries if I
leave them on. I asked my dealer to check the electrical system and
they found nothing wrong. I now shut off the battery switch as soon as
I pull the boat from the water. The batteries stay charged that way. I
would like to know what causes the drain but have found a work around.