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715 j p Re: ''06 Parker 2320 Sport cabin - Electronics? 2/7/2006 12:36:00

Mounted my Garmin and vhf overhead.There is a chase right there for the wiring,
and antennae. Works well for my 23 sc. Good luck with the boat.

mim019 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=jETLU0EsHh0QjdTFYYxQ8Tn3NVBDtTpeJ50AoKN0NvN11mMtG3HgUs3jXAFF5DEtGrd2q_c">mim019@...</a>> wrote:
Hello. My '06 Parker 2320 Sport Cabin comes in this Thursday 2/9. I
need to order some electronics for it ASAP. I was thinking of a combo
unit, either the Raymarine C80 or E80, or the Garmin 3010C. The dash
space is limited and the dealer told me that he'll have to mount them
on the top of the dash with a bracket. Any 2320 owners out there? What
did you do with the electronics? Thanks a million. Dom

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