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72 med3doug Re: Pulpit choice ... 11/30/2003 14:14:00

I've got a 2520XL with the pulpit and love it. Anchor is always at
the ready. Have to be a little more cautious when docking with it
sticking out there, but I wouldn't take it off if I had it to do
over again.

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> FYI: My Parker 2520, the "Lady Catherine", got beat up by a 32'
> cabin cruiser that broke her mooring during a wind storm footer at
> the end of Ocotber ... 2 days before I was to pull her for the
> season. This was the boat I spent all last winter refurbishing
> custom teakwork and galley.
> As part of the insurance settlement, I have the choice of the old-
> style bow rail (without a pulpit), like I had, or the new-style
> with a pulpit. I could either buy the factory pulpit, but would
> most likely make one out of 2" teak, which thankfully I have the
> machinery for.
> What are your PROs and CONs against a pulpit? Dock space for me
> isn't an issue as I'm on a mooring, very rarely at a dock, and
> off-season storage in a private yard, so no one will care if the
> overall length is a touch longer. Seeking ALL inputs, thank you!
> P.S. - I used to post on the the old Parker forums as "Reel-
> or "DaleH"