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721 skopje179 Re: ''06 Parker 2320 Sport cabin - Electronics? 2/7/2006 15:42:00

It was a private site, not commercial, so I don't see how the dealers
chould have any influence over "freedom of speech."

If I was running a non-commercial site and my visitors wanted to
discuss the good/bad/ugly of the construction and the prices they
paid, I'd let them go for it, as long as they weren't defaming the
character of the manufacturer or dealer. Stating simple facts like "my
boat is only one year old and the cabin door screws fell out" is a
perfectly legit discussion. Stating that you paid $x for a particular
model of boat is also a perfectly legit discussion.

I sure wouldn't let a dealer push me around because someone complained
about the price he was charging. I believe the law is on my side, not
the manufacturer's or dealer's. Go look at the thousands of sites
specific to a particular make/model of car. Although most are
moderated, the manufacturers and dealers take it on the chin and have
no place to hide. Their only response is to build a better product
that doesn't raise so many complaints.

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> I've heard about that site. There's a rumor that it was taken down
due to
> members discussing what they paid for their boats new from different
> dealerships. Supposedly it started problems with dealers from different
> regions. I guess it gave the consumer a little more buying power.
Thanks for
> the help.
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> >There used to be a site where a lot of us posted pics
> >
> >of our boats, including a special section for helms. Not sure what
> >
> >happened to that site, but if it can be recovered, there are a lot of
> >
> >good ideas out there.
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