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730 j p Re: 25'' Parker SportCabin BIMINI TOP ?? 2/8/2006 9:52:00

My wife also has a hard time in the sun (MM) so we have the 23 sport cabin. She
stays in there most of the time and with the door open and lots of spf 50 has a
wonderful time. However, most of our time on the water is after 2 pm. The
openess of the Parker cabin and cockpit gives lots of room so there isn't a
sense of claustophobia
as in most other similar hulls (Grady) . While the Bimini will eliminate
overhead rays, there still is a considerable exposure from other directions as
well as reflected rays. Hats, protective clothing (and not T shirts - spf of
about #3) and lots of very expensive sun block are the key to staying healthy;
particularly if there is a history.
Good luck.


icarusparker <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=USTeyUTiACzXXVVREFFEpb5ZI_fyHlxGqucn2n7J0c6X1adQlPNmFX7ezCw4jSieXd52Hppkvn3NzQq9Q_6K">icarusparker@...</a>> wrote:
Anyone here have a Bimini top for there 25' Parker ?? I want one for
my boat as my wife has a hard time in the summer sun. I could only
imagine what Parker charges for one (I'm checking today at a Dealer),
but wondered if an aftermarket Bimini. (like Overtons etc) would work

If you have one, do you know the length and height?



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