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735 Keith Lincoln Re: Scupper flappers 2/9/2006 8:15:00

check out your local boaters world or catalog. There is a new Duck bill
Scupper, that will fit right in place of your original scuppers. They are about
$10 a pair. They are a true one way scupper valve. I couldn't get them to come
up on either the Boater's world site or West Marine, but I know for sure they
were in the 2005 Boater's world catalog. My local Boater's world is having a
hard time keeping them on the shelf. I have put them on both my 18 and 25
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Subject: [parkerboats] Scupper flappers

I have a notch transom 2320Sc and the lower scuppers sit below the
water line. I spray inside with micron anti fouling and have had no
problems. (boat is in from APR-NOV). However after a couple of seasons
the little scupper flappers or covers get curled up and stiff and no
longer close tight to prevent back flow. Can these little rubber discs
be bought separately? They are held on, as you may know by s.s.
philips screws so are easy to remove.

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