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738 Eric Schellin Re: Re: 25'' Parker SportCabin BIMINI TOP ?? 2/9/2006 17:51:00

Yes let us know. I need a Bimini Top also.

icarusparker <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=891P0sr2J8wILYmEej660ayzmMUeLcglkkxQEYNwis1kJb9jPz8Ik4hWEy2QGstVCE-B1jhcDeZho_aI">icarusparker@...</a>> wrote: Guys: I looked into the Parker
Bimini top and the dealer quoted me
close to $1000. It is nothing more than a regular 54" high Bimini,
6'er, SS pipes, etc..

I went ahead and ordered a cheap one from Ebay, Alum. piping and some
Sunbrella knockoff fabric. It was around $200 shipped to me. All in
all, not bad.

I'm gonna give it a try and report back to you guys.



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