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742 wdutra2000 2820 ride 2/10/2006 18:03:00


I'm a new member who is looking for some first-hand experience on how
the 2820 rides in 3 foot wind-chop. I spent the better part of a week
fishing on a 2520 in Alaska. I'm seriously considering the 2820 and
would expect that the extra +-2,000 lbs. would make it ride that much
better in the slop.

My local (CA) dealer wants a big deposit prior to arranging a
sea-trial, and I'd like to get as much info. as possible prior to
laying it down.

I saw some info. on THT about the 28 pounding worse than the 25.
Doesn't make much sense to me, with the extra weight. Any info. would
be greatly appreciated.