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750 wdutra2000 Re: 2820 ride 2/11/2006 19:58:00


Thanks for the information. Most of the Pilothouse boats we fish here
on the West Coast (Farallon, Davis, Osprey, Parker) have the helms
forward like this, so they're all about the same comparing apples to

I had a 28' Albin a few years ago. That boat was a bit heavier, with
a deeper for-foot, but only 16 degree deadrise. However, the helm was
about 3 feet aft of where it is on the Parker. That boat went through
the snot like a tank, but it was slow. I imagine that if I'm cruising
the Parker at 16/17 knots like the Albin, the ride wouldn't be that
much different.

Thanks again. I'm sure your boat will sell soon. It is definately
the best deal on the net.