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751 chevy chased Re: Re: 2820 ride 2/12/2006 10:02:00

Chris- You make a great point re: the fiddle factor. It took me the better part
of a 200 hr. season to dial in the tabs/tilt. Alternating between the Bay and
O.C. was night and day, due to the change in wave intervals. Minute changes in
either the tabs or trim made a huge difference in the ride. While the
ultra-forward control position is an inherent problem, a lot of the bang can be
toned down by playing with the aforementioned.Fooling with the controls is
admittedly a pain in the a$$, and I think a lot of guys say to heck with it,
bang their way out and back, either never touching or bulling the controls, and
then spend time whining about the ride.Like all beautiful ladies, she likes a
"slow hand". But once you hit the right combo, it's automatic- you can dial in
in seconds. My son is better at it than I am , since he has appointed himself
Trollmaster, while I set the spread. Another thing- Parkers are awesome at high
troll speeds, where I spend the majority of my day. If I fish
for 10 hours, 6 are at high troll speed for pelagics, and my Parker is as good
a ride as I have found , for the size and money... I don't even need to go into
the million great points about the pilothouse, itself.
I'm told on good authority that Linwood has already popped a couple of 32'
hulls from their molds, and that they are decking one already. I'd be interested
to see where the controls end up on the prototype Beast .
Sorry to see you let go of the 28. I followed your progress outfitting it
last year on THT. It is a beauty. I'm surprised you haven't had feelers from
some charter/ commercial interests. Good Luck! --Tim
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Hi Bill,
Well I guess Congrats are in order!
Now on to the boat, I would say the 2820xl is pure parker. They all
handle about the same and take a little finessing to get them to ride
right in a chop. As I am sure you know the whole Parker ride thing
stems from the wheel being way to far forward. But if you control the
speed and the trim you can take them any where. I have Bluefin fished
40 miles from shore with mine and it sits great at anchor. I will tell
you I have never owned a boat that is this fast on the inshore fishing
either..... I was never much of an outboard guy till I fished these
Yamaha's Killer power, and Quiet!
Anyway, My oldest daughter just had a hula 4th birthday at the house
today..... Got to move the furniture back in place... Ha Ha Ha
take care.... Chris

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Sent: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 03:07:49 -0000
Subject: [parkerboats] Re: 2820 ride

Hi Chris,

I've seen your boat on yachtworld, and if I was in the market today, I
would seriously consider it. However, I'm in somewhat the same
situation as you in that my wife just had our second child 3 weeks
ago. I'm thinking early '07 for the new boat.

Can you shed any light on the way your boat rides versus the 2520?



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> Hi Bill,
> My name is Chris Peterson, I own one of the first 2820xl's made. My
> boat is dressed to kill and can be seen at

> www. she is the only one listed in Maine. IMHO the
> 2820xl rides like any other as long as you understand
> to use the trim tabs and regulate your speed in a chop these boats
> fine.
> My wife and I are expecting our third child and this forces my sale,
> am willing to talk on the price of this loaded boat. Please if you
> realy thinking about buying a new one at least look at this boat it
> brand new on a brand new loadmaster trailer i might have 80 hours on
> the flawless yamaha 250's this boat has a loaded electronics package
> the tower and wheel house. The boat was bought at Jeffs marine in
> Tomaston Maine. And is being store at Yarmouth boat yard in Yarmouth
> Maine. Please if you have any questions call me at 207-329-0133
> Chris
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> Sent: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 23:03:53 -0000
> Subject: [parkerboats] 2820 ride
> Hello,
> I'm a new member who is looking for some first-hand experience on how
> the 2820 rides in 3 foot wind-chop. I spent the better part of a week
> fishing on a 2520 in Alaska. I'm seriously considering the 2820 and
> would expect that the extra +-2,000 lbs. would make it ride that much
> better in the slop.
> My local (CA) dealer wants a big deposit prior to arranging a
> sea-trial, and I'd like to get as much info. as possible prior to
> laying it down.
> I saw some info. on THT about the 28 pounding worse than the 25.
> Doesn't make much sense to me, with the extra weight. Any info. would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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