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755 Tom Sheehy The old Parker BBS 2/13/2006 16:24:00

Just stumbled across a way to access some of the messages on the old Parker user

Use Google as you normally would, but add "ultimate" to the

The 'site:' tells Google to only show search results that are from a specific

Adding 'ultimate' is an easy way to filter out the results to just show the
posts on the old forum. (Parker used the Ultimate BBS software, so all the
forum messages have the word ultimate in their URL) In other words, this
prevents Google from showing you results that appear on other areas of the
Parker site.

For example search on "bilge pump ultimate"

Now, instead of clicking on the main link (underlined in blue) like you normally
would in the Google search results, click on the "Supplemental Result - Cached"
link instead. This will bring up Google's cache of the old page. Some of the
old forum graphics won't be displayed, but all the original text is still there.

-- Tom
1999 Parker 21 DVCC

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