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76 gergs2510 Re: Finally--found the alternative Parker site :) 12/2/2003 21:09:00

Howdy Skopje. I hope you are right on the windlass, thats one of my
winter projects. I bought a powerwinch 31 and am getting ready to
rough it in on the first mild weekend.

Did you run into any problems with the anchor locker? Any issues
with the depth or position the downshot imposes on the windlass
itself? Also, does the anchor actually free-fall down or does
someone have to give it a start (with the pulpit on my 2510, the
anchor actually pitches back, not down, and doesn't look like it will

My other major project is an autopilot. I'm out of room on the
console for guages though, so it may be a navpod for the display.
Anyway, it's good to find a pool of parker folks in one place again.


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<david.c.mcguffey@s...> wrote:
> Have been in withdrawl since Parker took down their site. Sent a
> long e-mail to Robin telling her that sooner or later someone would
> start a board they didn't control. Took longer than I expected,
> it happened.
> I'm skopje from the old parker site, and use the same name on
>,, and If you use your
> Parker to fish in the Deleware Bay, Chesapeake Bay, or MD-VA-NC
> Atlantic offshore areas, has quite a large parker
> following.
> I have a 2002 2510 with hardtop and twin F115s on a bracket. Have
> posted some helm pics on the other parker site under on rigging
> section under the name "Tina's Diamond."
> Put 108 hours on the boat last year between 20 March and 8 Dec, and
> have 109 hours on the boat this year, with one fishing trip to the
> Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel yet to go. Boat and motors run great,
> and I wouldn't change a thing. BTW, I have the pulpit and anchor
> windlass, and can't imagine lowering and raising an anchor by hand
> anymore.