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766 skopje179 Re: Any interest in having our own dedicated "Parker" forum & website? 2/16/2006 13:22:00


You are signing up to a lot of work. The Internet battlefield is
littered with the corpses of many sites that were started with good
intentions, but couldn't be maintained. The drain on your time will
be significant, AND, users will expect your rapid attention to
problems with accounts, message boards, uploading pics, etc.

If you decide to bring up a new site and load some of the old stuff, please make sure you can follow through on this
for (hopefully) years to come.

skopje179 (now Porkchunker on both TheHullTruth and TidalFish)
2002 Parker 2510 "Tina's Diamond"

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<colonialbeachpaul@...> wrote:
> I would be interested as well. Just curious how will it differ from
the Yahoo Parker website?
> Eric
> 1982 21' Parker
> Brad Barber <barberbr@...> wrote:
> I'd be interested as well
> Brad Barber
> 2001 - 21SE
> parker25lc <c-dhubbard@...> wrote:
> FYI:
> Buddy deserves crediut for starting this forum to keep some comraderie
> going after the demise of the old Parker-run forums. There was also
> considerable emailing between Parker owners who "met" from the
> site run by Bill Milligan.
> I am ready to start a forum specific to Parker owners. Any interest
> out there?
> Dale