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77 cisspdavidm2 Re: Finally--found the alternative Parker site :) 12/3/2003 8:12:00

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> Howdy Skopje. I hope you are right on the windlass, thats one of
> winter projects. I bought a powerwinch 31 and am getting ready to
> rough it in on the first mild weekend.
> Did you run into any problems with the anchor locker? Any issues
> with the depth or position the downshot imposes on the windlass
> itself? Also, does the anchor actually free-fall down or does
> someone have to give it a start (with the pulpit on my 2510, the
> anchor actually pitches back, not down, and doesn't look like it
> freefall).
> My other major project is an autopilot. I'm out of room on the
> console for guages though, so it may be a navpod for the display.
> Anyway, it's good to find a pool of parker folks in one place again.
> Thanks

The pulpit, windlass, and anchor locker were all factory installed.
I ordered it that way.

Have never had a problem with the rode going back into the anchor
locker. Have checked it a number of times by opening the hatch up in
the front of the v-berth, and the rode and chain are all neatly
deposited in the locker.

Have never had a problem with the anchor (hooker danforth type)
falling off the pulpit. Ocassionally, it won't line up to go back
in, so someone has to go forward and rotate the anchor a bit while I
tighten the rode with the windlass. Sometimes I can drop the anchor
a foot or two and bring it back in and it will line up.

Anchor does not freefall. The windlass that Parker installed is a
Horizon 400 (I think--not near the boat or my paper files to confirm).