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770 ustank2 Re: Any interest in having our own dedicated "Parker" forum & website? 2/17/2006 9:22:00

I think it would be a great idea to start a board. Have several
reasons for this.
I do think that there is some info that should be copied and put on it
from this board.

Sometime ago I posted a request for help with moderating this group.
Not that any real moderation is needed. Just really need someone to
change permissions to allow new people to post. Have it set up so that
new members can not post without approval. This has stopped people
from joining and them spamming the board. Once a member makes a post
that is boat related I removed their approval requirement and they can
post. Did not get one reply for helping out. Thought that was strange.

I will be selling my boat, that's the one in the photo at the top of
the page. Your interest comes at a good time for me. I was wondering
what I would do with the board. It does not take much time but needs
watching. If you would like to assume ownership of the board, will be
glad to turn it over until you can set up a new board. Actually I
guess that this is a board so I am not sure the advantage of staring a
new one except that it will look different and have more features.
Yahoo is sort of a poor excuse, but it is free to us. A real BB would
have expenses.

I already do the board and web site duties for the Custom Rod Builders
Guild and that keeps me very busy because the host we have really
provides poor service. The Forum is on a different service, is really
great but costs and is complicated to set up. Some of you guys that
are interested in fishing rods may want to look at it.
<a href=""></a>

Anyway it all comes down to the fact that I set this up to fill the
hole that existed
when Parker pulled the plug on their board. I am getting to old to
take an offshore beating and my partner has a new baby and a horrific
schedule at his job. We never get to use our boat. So we are in the
process of selling or trying to sell and if someone would start
another or take this one over it would solve a problem for me. I will
be willing to do whatever to keep a Parker board running for the time
being, but have been concerned about what to do with this one.

If anybody is interested in a 2520 check the following linl
<a href=""></a>
This boat really has a lot of stuff that has been added

Buddy Tison