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788 norm hagen Re: 2820 ride 2/20/2006 22:46:00

I just purchased a new 2520 XLD in Jan, this is Parkers newest model for the 25
pilot house. It is comparable to the 2820 and has the 21 degree hull, I've been
impressed with the boat so far handles the seas great. I live in the Nor Cal
area and have had the boat out in some decent swells and chop which the boat
handles fine. The 25 dry is 5800lbs the 28 is 6400lbs. The hull is about
4-inches taller than the 2520 SLD and the pilot house is the same as the 2820.

wdutra2000 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=SZEbkvasJQgQv1D6vxpPj9QjLmbn1jEtt-DNY25snP-eqX95dN86XJrvn3ifaagXS0HbDcTORZchddcy8FH80pci4N4">wdutra@...</a>> wrote:

I'm a new member who is looking for some first-hand experience on how
the 2820 rides in 3 foot wind-chop. I spent the better part of a week
fishing on a 2520 in Alaska. I'm seriously considering the 2820 and
would expect that the extra +-2,000 lbs. would make it ride that much
better in the slop.

My local (CA) dealer wants a big deposit prior to arranging a
sea-trial, and I'd like to get as much info. as possible prior to
laying it down.

I saw some info. on THT about the 28 pounding worse than the 25.
Doesn't make much sense to me, with the extra weight. Any info. would
be greatly appreciated.



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