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80 bsr2520 Re: Skopje is back-- WELCOME Skopje :) ! 12/3/2003 22:59:00

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> Skopje:
> Welcome! Good to see you hear as well as over on the The Hull
> Dale - aka my login ID of "parker25lc", used to be "Reel Rascals".
> Captain of the "Lady Catherine" ... and I have the expression
> permission of the "Admiral" herself to say so ;)

Dale and Skopje: glad to see you guys made it here. I hope this
fourm gets going. I really miss the old parker forum. Has anybody
asked Bill at to start a forum?

In any event, I am Parker on the the hull truth and Nana Too on

By the way, I appreciate all the advice on my fuel leak. As you may
now know, the leak came from the fuel fill hose. While I was working
down there I replaced all my fuel lines and fuel overfill vent.