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803 jpayne134 garboard drain plug 3/7/2006 10:02:00

took delivery of a new 2320 sc lasy spring and enjoyed the boat all
summer and fall. Lots of fish over the transom. When I pulled it and
tried to open the bilge drain plug, it was frozen. So frozen that I
had to remove both the plug and the seat from the hull. Even heating
it in a vise with a torch I still couldn't get the plug free. The
dealer offered me a USED plug !!! Nice gesture since a new plug from
the same manufacturer costs $7.00. Anyway, the new plug is the same
size but the fitting holes don't match up. Anyway, I have probably
five hours into this nonsense that could have been avoided by the
dealer using 5 cents worth of teflon tape. Go figure.
Anyone out there switched plugs with plastic or is there something
better than bronze Sea Dog ?