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807 j p Re: Re: Drain Plug - use synthetic waterproof grease 3/8/2006 11:32:00

got it - thanks. Such a simple procedure that was left out. pain in the butt.


parker25lc <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=KHBmL101a_hu2BaVc-eW-Q4T39HkdkvVH0ecdRRNXPhzqLXq2ZueYOf6mud_WdWOcR7fQ3eo0jqaJ6MJ_XnVWA0">c-dhubbard@...</a>> wrote:
For > 30 years I've been using OMC "Triple Guard" grease, which has
been a synthetic-based and waterproof grease for > 10 years now ... and
I've never had a problem.

It isn't the fault of the material or the design, but that of the
person who installed it WITHOUT any lubricant on it in the first place.

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