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83 andertonm@...> Re: 2120 SC owners 1/2/2004 9:40:00

I ran a 15hp Suzuki on my 78 Grady White. Since I replaced that boat with my
2120SC, I have not mounted the kicker simply because the new boat is more
reliable and I have towing insurance. The 15 would move the Grady at about 5 to
7 knots in calm conditions, but in heavy current, high wind and rough seas you
could not count on enough speed to make headway and navigate effectively, so
don't plan on a 9.9 bringing you home in an emergency. I have no connection
with Suzuki, but I have had three of their oil-injected 15s and they are great
little motors.

Mark Anderton
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> Date: 2004/01/01 Thu AM 10:47:39 EST
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> Subject: [parkerboats] 2120 SC owners
Are any of you running a kicker motor? If you are what size and how
did you go about setting it up.I was thinking of using 9.9 Yamaha.
Thanks Barry


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