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90 Wayne Re: New Member looking for used Parker 1/13/2004 0:15:00


You may have a hard time finding a used 21 Big Bay as I think that is
a fairly new model ( but not sure). You may want to contact these
folks on a leftover 2003:
<a href=""></a> . I do not know if they
still have the boat or not, but I can tell you they are no longer a
Parker dealer and I would think they would be eager to move that boat.

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=b1ANkGyvqXoTf9GYq6Vs4RueAx2xMwtKsLPK4rtfKMMYAOYRGWQkDYFhuToHsAPw7cBbkcPqAKWVx-jVfo2xDPBzFmAV"></a>, "rcouret" <rcouret@y...> wrote:
> Well it's great to run across this board. Have enjoyed going over
> previous post.
> Don't own a Parker boat but after seeing a few.. want to look into
> that possibility.
> Interested in a used 2100 Big Bay. If you know of one out there
> pass the info on to me..rcouret@y...
> thank,Bob