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99 skopje179 Re: Prop selection for 2520 DV with single SWS250 1/20/2004 18:09:00


How have you trimmed the motor and tabs? If it is trimmed in too
close to the transom, it forces the bow deeper into the water and the
rpm will fall off.

Pick a nice calm day--preferably one with a near glass surface--and
make sure the tabs are fully retracted (up position). Bring her up
to WOT and trim the motor out until you begin to hear some
cavitation. Then trim it in until the cavitation goes away. That
should be your best trim for that boat, motor, prop, and load
combination. At that trim, the rpms should be in the 5,500-5,700
range as indicated by another poster.

Using the method above, I can get my twin F115s up to about 5,700, or
as low as 4,700 (when trimmed all the way into the transom). So trim
can have a BIG difference on WOT.

> Hello all. This is my first post here. I have been running my
> since last april. The prop that came on the boat is the black
> stainless 17" pitch x 15" diameter. With a moderate load I max
out at
> 5200 rpm and 38 mph. I would like to get more rpm without losing
> speed. Has anyone here been able to find a prop that performs
> than the stock prop?
> Thanks,
> Bill Blair