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    Bst24351 replied to the thread Towing Help.
    My dad used to tow his 25 Parker with a 1500 and now tows a 28ft diesel boat with a 1500. I wouldn’t hesitate to tow a 25 Parker with a...
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    Get some experience running that particular boat offshore and make up your mind your self. I fished mostly every weekend this year on my...
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    Bst24351 replied to the thread Parker 1801 question.
    I have the f115 the permatrim helps a lot getting on plane better and lower speeds but ultimately the boat is usually sold with the 19...
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    I was also thinking about using a plate with a starboard spacer. I’m not to concerned about running the cabling yet it looks like it...
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    Hey guys I’ve searched up a few threads about this and it seems like the bow always has two cleats on either side. Mine has a center...
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